17th Century Latin – “An expert practitioner of Art and Craftsmanship” 



Artifex Fencing

Wood and chainlink fencing.

Envelope Upgrades

Energy efficient upgrades to overall building envelope.

Custom Design

Unique projects and special design requests including custom homes.


Framing and finishings for commercial buildings. 

Home Renovations

Basement, bathroom, kitchen, and living space renovations.


Complete tear downs and sectional demolition.


Eco Friendly Construction

At Artifex, we pride ourselves in using the most up to date eco friendly products.


Time Management

We work with you to develop a project timeline that best serves your needs.


Safe Construction Management

Safety for our staff and your loved ones is our number one priority. 

… A Reminder About Safe Work

… A Reminder about Safe work
While working it is easily forgotten to take the extra little bit of time to either set-up safety measures to protect all workers, or to even over look someone not wearing proper footwear for the job. Some companies in the private sector are not very concerned about safety because they are not held responsible each and every day like someone that is in commercial work would be. Artifex sees this as a flaw and should always keep in mind the safety of the employees and the families of the homes we are working at. Staying safe is a priority and should NOT be overlooked. According to statistics Canada, 2015 in Manitoba, there were 1923 reported accidents that resulted in time lost, along with 6 fatal accidents… If we can do our part in keeping everyone safe and even bring that number down just by one, we have done our job. Remember, it is okay to refuse to do a task if it is unsafe! Always wear the correct safety equipment because you only get the one body you have. Take care of it.

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“Landon and his crew were a dream to work with! Our kitchen renovation was done early, giving my wife and I more time to start planning interior design.”

Sam Johanson

“Very detailed workers, highly recommend.”

Derek Funk

“Landon worked with us to find the best solutions to repair our roof on a budget.”

Martha currie

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