About Artifex Custom Contracting

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What We Do


Framing and finshings for commercial buildings.

Custom Design

Unique projects and special design requests including custom homes.

Home Renovations

Basement, bathroom, kitchen, and living space renovations.

About Artifex

Artifex Custom Contracting is founded by Landon Schreyer. “Artifex” is a Latin word meaning
“Skilled Craftsman” or “Master of an Art”. Having a name that describes our passion for achieving a high
standard of craftsmanship was very important as it reflects who we are as a business. Artifex Custom
Contracting was established on the basis of offering professional contracting services. Being a part of the
owner’s pride in their new space is very rewarding and fuels our passion to keep doing quality work.

Only the Best


Eco Friendly Construction

At Artifex, we pride ourselves in using the most up to date eco friendly products.


Time Management

We work with you to develop a project timeline that best serves your needs


Safe Construction Management

Safety for our staff and your loved ones is our number one priority. 


Custom Contracting

“The process of building is art”

Landon Schreyer  – Founder of Artifex

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Winnipeg Manitoba

1 (204) 471-4560