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Proud masters of Hard Work and Elegant Design. 

What We Do


Framing and finshings for commercial buildings.

Custom Design

Unique projects and special design requests including custom homes.

Home Renovations

Basement, bathroom, kitchen, and living space renovations.

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We offer a wide range of commerical services in Winnipeg and remote communities across Canada.

On top of of our background in framing and finishings, we specialize in evelope upgrades in cold environemnts throughout Manitoba and Nunavut. We take pride in energy solutions on all types of structures. 


Home Renovations

Increase the value of your home while opening up opportunities for a more functional living environment.

Lets Talk About Kitchens: What does your dream kitchen look like to you? Does it have an open concept that creates function space and enables discussion to continue into the rest of your home? Or maybe a just simple makeover that ignites the true beauty of your home?

Bathrooms: Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. Bathrooms occupy a smaller space within a home, this being said our clients seem to love turning their bathrooms into clean, modern and peaceful rooms for everybody to enjoy. Bathroom remodels shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. You would be surprised by what we have accomplished with tight budgets! 




Custom Design 

Do you have your dream home in mind? Let us help you bring that to reality. 

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